Automating Your Mortgage Pipeline for More Loans & Faster Closing

Marketing Team 01.08.2021 2 min read

The mortgage process is best when technology and humans complement each other to provide clients with a smooth and efficient, yet personable experience. From awareness to action, the more quickly and efficiently you can keep leads moving down the mortgage sales pipeline, the better, for all involved parties. This is where automation takes over the grunt work so you can provide the personal touch.

Create Urgency – Without Needing to Create More Time

To keep leads moving down the pipeline, customers need frequent interaction and reminders that you’re there for them – and you’re aware of their needs. Some estimates show it takes an average of eight touches for a conversion with a new lead. Data can inform the frequency and timing of these touchpoints, but the last thing they need to be is manual. By automating the follow-up process, you can create and maintain a sense of urgency with clients to nudge them down the pipeline while conserving your own time and resources for bigger conversations.

Every Lead Type Managed

Referrals, internet leads, refinance and purchase prospects all may find their way into your pipeline, but each requires a different type of finesse to close. You could create a system for each of these, throwing more people at the problem. But enabling an automated strategy maintains individualized integrity with each lead type with little to no lift on your part. The right workflow offers flexibility while driving toward the main goal: closing quickly.

Rinse, Improve, Repeat

By using more automated processes to convert leads to closings, you’ll also create a predictable, repeatable and trackable process. This means you’ll have visibility into not only what comes out the other end of the pipeline, but why and where some leads get stuck inside. With manual processes and multiple people managing prospects, there is no one way to manage, track and communicate about the process. Even though you’re likely to know what worked when you get to a closing — a broken clock is right twice a day, after all — you may not have left enough breadcrumbs to understand why most leads didn’t close. With an automatic process, you can understand where leads exited the pipeline – and maybe even how to reconnect with them.

Enabling Proactive Personal Intervention

By offloading ticky-tacky tasks to the technology, you are freed up to intervene within the application and closing processes where human interaction is most impactful. And with a predictable system in place, you’ll have all the information you need to provide specialized customer support to close the deal — without having to track down individual information gatekeepers. Technology allows complete visibility to all parties and reveals next steps in the process, so you can spend time answering quality questions instead of giving status updates.

Learn how Lodasoft’s automated processes can automate rudimentary functions in an all-in-one system.


Marketing Team

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