Optimizing Your Mortgage Process from Step One

Marketing Team 11.13.2020 2 min read

Could you be running your Mortgage business like a manufacturing plant? 

Optimizing Your Mortgage Process from Step One

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When Henry Ford implemented the assembly line, one pivotal component ensured maximum efficiency for employees: the conveyor belt. The belt moved through the factory so employees didn’t have to; they could stay in their area and focus on specialization. This kept a continuous flow throughout each step of the manufacturing process. It worked so well, Ford’s assembly line process has been replicated in numerous industries – and it's now the edge some of the biggest players have (think Quicken, Loan Depot, etc.) on the smaller mortgage companies…. until now. 


The mortgage lending process can feel like it has more moving parts than an automobile, which is why an optimized process is critical for both lenders, third parties, and borrowers. The process comes before the tool, and the strategy should drive your systems appropriately. If you view your mortgage process as a conveyor belt, you can then determine the best tools (robots) to accomplish a smooth process from application to closing and beyond.  

Our systems (Mortgage CRM, Point of Sale, Pricing Engine, Documents/Disclosure Management System, LOS, etc.) Should all be viewed as different Cogs in a much larger machine.... accomplishing a dynamic workflow rather than static processes and tasks. 

From Sourcing to Satisfaction- 

Acquiring new customers isn’t easy – you likely put in leg work by either making a great impression on customers who sent you a referral or spending an arm and a leg on lead generation strategies or marketing.

Either way, retention is key...

The problem we usually see is that most retention and marketing strategies are accomplished in the Mortgage CRM, which is typically disconnected from the other pieces of the manufacturing process. The thought process makes sense, this Zillow or Lending Tree Lead really at the top of the pipeline has no business being intertwined with my loan that is currently in underwriting...

...or does it?

The windshield on the car absolutely needs to be concerned with the installation of the taillights. Why? Many reasons but for one...  if there's a shortage of windshield installers perhaps my taillight installers could come to the rescue? Or, 

Are we saying underwriters need to be lead intake specialists? No, but we are saying that a bottleneck at underwriting that may have been caused by poor information handling at lead intake. If I have two separate departments that affect one another seemingly indirectly with no real way to optimize other than plugging the holes at each end or 'guessing' what can fix the problem, you end up in an endless optimization cycle where you don't know what actually helps and what hurts. 

A system-integrated CRM tool ensures engagement and automation from the very beginning. You need to stay engaged with referral partners, prospects and current clients, and the most effective customer experiences start with excellent contact management.

Beyond marketing, an integrated system uses customer data to deliver individualized information and transparency into their loan process. It can help everyone feel like they’ve been part of the lending team from the very beginning.

Focused Flexibility

Your process likely is – and should be – different from the competition’s, which is why it’s critical for a CRM tool to stay in step with your operations. The mortgage process is constantly changing, which is why rigid tools fraught with workarounds are often the first to be abandoned. Nimble technology allows lenders visibility into what’s working with customers and what isn’t so you can pivot strategies while easily maintaining your contact lists. 

Innovation Through Automation

Intelligent loan manufacturing is a way of life. The assembly line is still the assembly line, and is the only true way to effectively create, optimize and scale your system. An optimized CRM tool is just one machine in the strategy that works to pull contacts through each touchpoint of the loan journey for an automated experience and keeps your costs down. By streamlining the rudimentary functions of lending and list management with technology, you’re freed up to focus on the business and, most importantly, the human connection with customers. By reducing cycle times, you can create a positive customer experience and later cement a long-lasting relationship through follow-up communication with the same smart CRM tool. 


Learn how Lodasoft’s technology can sit parallel to your current processes and systems to eliminate redundancies while maintaining a familiar user experience. 



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